Special effects during printing and finishing

Special effects for your print work - make an extra impression!

What can we add to the standard printing process and why.
We always like to look at that question in the opposite direction. We start with the 'why'.

Sometimes you have a need or reason to call in an extra. An example of this is the risk of overpressure. Overprinting means that the ink image from, for example, the right page crosses over to the left page. Like a print or stamp 'so to speak'. This can have various causes that are often difficult for a layman to estimate in advance. You therefore invest in an extra that the user of, for example, your hardcover book does not even see or perceive. On the contrary. Only if you do not invest in this will it have a negative impact and you will lose the respect of the reader.

The above is just an example. An experienced advisor and his team can help you make an assessment. We are happy to give you our advice.

Ease of use, fun, impression, luxury, quality and value - printing can do a lot!
The extras that you do perceive, see and appreciate are of course those extras that we would like to bring to your attention here. Provide the recipient and user of your printed matter with ease of use. For example, by applying TABS.

Make your hardcover book extra FUN by adding something that appeals to your target group. For example a GLITTER EFFECT.

Make an impression with special CUTTING SHAPES or give an extra feeling of QUALITY by using special MATERIALS.

All this increases the VALUE of your print work. For example, consider a very luxurious hardcover book with GOLD FOIL and a reading ribbon.

Often less is more. We therefore do our best to advise you correctly when using special effects and so-called extras. Printing in its simplest form can just as easily have a high-quality appearance. For example, by choosing the right paper type that matches the intended print.

Gold foil or silver foil - Can be used on the cover but also on the contents!
Applying gold foil or silver foil, but also applying a glossy or matte effect lacquer.
Creative to work with and very affordable to use.
Goudfolie of zilverfolie op de cover van een hardcover boek - drukwerk met een extra afwerking 
Gold foil or silver foil on the cover of a hardcover book - printing with an extra finish.

A very important and often controlled choice is the choice of page format. What is common within the application you are going to have? The book may need to fit in somewhere. Whether it is the bookstore rack, shipping packaging or for another reason. Think carefully about the size. Only when you are sure that you have the freedom or when you know within which dimensions you have to fit, only then can you use the format creatively and consciously. If you have that freedom, then the final format is already an EXTRA that you can choose yourself. We can go quite far with this.

Another adjustment to the format or within it is the die cut.
For example, do you literally take a bite out of your paper? Is that fun? Does it add anything?

Stansvorm in de cover van een hardcover boek - creatief met vorm van je drukwerk
Die-cutting shape in the cover of a hardcover book - creative with the shape of your printed matter.

TABS for the correct overview!
If there is a lot of information that needs to be presented clearly, TABS are often a solution. We have specialized options for applying TABS. You wouldn't expect it, but it is a fairly broad and deep subject. If TABS are important for your magazine, book or book, please contact us without obligation for advice and information.

Tabulator - Drukwerk brochure catalogi boeken en klappers met tabs.
Tabulator - Printed brochures, catalogs, books and folders with tabs.

We know from experience that high-quality extras are a good investment. The value and appreciation of your printed matter, for example a hardcover book, increases disproportionately to the investment. In other words, they are more than worth their money and often provide an extra margin or extra appreciation.

Feel free to ask about the options!
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