die-cut flyers

Flyer with die cut - print fun, eye-catching flyers
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Printing a flyer with die cut at NLprinters!
Use our standard die cuts now for free and turn your flyer into a particularly striking item.

There are countless fun and/or striking combinations you can come up with: A car for a car wash or for a car company or taxi company. An apple for a greengrocer or as 'with a wink': the nest egg...?!
You can't imagine anything so crazy or you can make it now, together with NLPrinters you will come up with refreshing ideas for your printing

We have these shapes ready for use as standard:
apple - car - beer mug - leaf - button - bottle - heart - dog - head - house - ice cream - cat - Christmas tree - cloverleaf - clock - moon - human - pear - arrow - plaster - snowman - snowflake - talking balls - star - t- shirt - pig - butterfly - footprint - fire - cloud

Flyer met stansvorm drukken stans auto vorm

Make sure that you take our specifications EXACTLY into account in your layout! Please contact us for a consultation before starting your final document.
We print your flyer with die cut in full color (digital or offset, depending on the desired edition) in excellent quality. If your document is suitable, you will quickly have a great printing product.

We print these products as DIGITAL PRINTING or as OFFSET PRINTING. Depending on the quantity of flyers you are going to order.

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