Schoolkalenders drukken in kleine of grote oplage - digitaal of offset gedrukt. Vraag naar de offerte prijs voor het drukken van school kalenders. Indien gewenst inclusief ontwerp.

School calendars cheap printing & design support 'all-in'.
Your partner for your school in printing matters.
A school calendar is a product that we can produce entirely according to your wishes.
Consultation is therefore advisable. contact us now.

Design and print a school calendar for your school.

NLprinters offers a wide range of options and services:

  • Personal service and advice. In good consultation towards a good school calendar!
  • Fast and price-conscious handling of your order
  • Top quality printing on environmentally friendly paper
  • Printing your school calendar is possible from a small print run

Our offer for printing school calendars 2023-2024:
200 school calendars (13 sheets) - €580 excl. VAT / incl. delivery **
+ all pages double-sided in color at 250 gr. MC satin-finished paper
+ with wire-o plus hanging eye in white, black or silver
+ 300 gr. offset paper back.
** based on a print-ready PDF document supplied by you.

The above is just an example.
Of course, ANY DESIRED QUANTITY is available!
Interested? contact us now.

School calendars are
- also available with 14 double-sided pages
- with additional finishing
- with other paper types for the content (thinner, thicker, writable offset)

Compiling is collaborating:
A beautiful school calendar according to your wishes!

It is possible to create a school calendar yourself and have your document printed at NLprinters. Naturally, we have control and support available to assist you with the completion. It is important to us that you provide a PDF document with embedded fonts and images in 300dpi. Consultation about the size of the end product and therefore the size of your layout document is something that is best done as early as possible. It is preferable to contact us before you start with your document.

Design and DTP by NLprinters is a service that we are happy to offer you. Our experienced specialists know how to work efficiently and creatively. In close consultation and at short notice, we can help you as a service partner in creating a print-ready document. We provide maximum relief! You will receive a professional end product.

We print school calendars, school guides and school newspapers.
Price-conscious and with the greatest care!

 Schoolkalender met wir-o draad binding. Drukwerk in kleine of grote oplage. Schoolkalenders drukken wij betrouwbaar en op tijd geleverd voor een gunstige prijs en met goed professioneel advies.

School calendar with wir-o thread binding. Printing in small or large editions. We print school calendars reliably and delivered on time at a favorable price and with good professional advice. Calendars with your choice of white, black or silver wire-o wire and including hanging eye. Other thread colors are available on request.

Format your school calendar of your choice.
Most school calendars are printed in A4 format (portrait or landscape) or 21x21cm. and finished with a wire-o binding including hanging hook. The wire-o wire can then be white, black or silver. As an alternative, we have quite a few other standard formats available that we can offer cost-efficiently. From the small and compact A5 to the large A2 format, there is ample choice and room for consultation.

School calendar with wire-o binding or school guide as a stapled booklet?
A wire-o bound calendar has a hanging hook and is always turned over. A brochure form (stapled or possibly with wire-o) can also be hung with a drilled hole and can be hung open on the wall. Consultation is required for the latter, we are happy to help you with advice.

Wide choice of paper types for your school calendar
We offer you a wide choice of paper types and paper thicknesses so that you can take appearance and ease of use into account when building your school calendar. For example, coated paper (the 'MC types') has a composition of paper and plastic and these paper types are pressed compactly during production. This results in a paper type optimized for text and photos, as is often used in brochure productions. The MC type is available as matt or satin (slightly glossy). Text and images are displayed as accurately as possible, that is the advantage. The paper cannot be optimally written on afterwards with pen and/or pencil (which can be a disadvantage in some cases).
Another type of paper often used for school calendars is natural offset paper. Bright white and with an open paper structure, this paper will give a more natural paper feel, display text and images well (but less sharp than an MC paper). Natural offset paper is easy to write on with pencil and pen.
In close consultation, we will help you make the right choice and, if desired, we will also be happy to send you a paper sample by post.

Profile your school in a high-quality way!
One of the means to give your school a high-quality profile is the school calendar. After all, this will remain visible to your target group for a long time. Other means to give your school a good public profile are a school newspaper, school guide or school magazine, nice report