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Gold cut & silver cut finishing
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Goud op snee aanbrengen bij hardcover boeken drukken via drukkerij en boekbinderij afdeling boek afwerking


Applying gold to the edges when printing hardcover books via the printing house and bookbinding department, book finishing

Add value to your book:
Your book is special and you want to draw attention to it in a special way. Then applying gold or silver to the cut is the perfect way to do that. You want to show your value and we know how to do that professionally.
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A classic way of refining a book that was often used in the 19th or early 20th century when refining valuable books. Books such as Bibles and precious or important writings were provided with the technique of edge gilding at that time.

Zilver op snee van een boekblok bij hardcover boeken drukken en afwerken in boekbinderij NLPrinters voor een gunstige prijs

Silver cut of a book block for hardcover book printing and finishing in bookbinding company NLPrinters for a favorable price

The technology of the time:
As a technique of edge gilding, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, glue or adhesive materials such as egg white or fine clay with starch were used as a base layer to place a custom-cut slice of real gold leaf on the smoothed and polished edge (side) of the book block. to stick. After drying, this finish was then polished with agate. Agate is a type of quartz.

It is clear why this method of finishing a book is seen as exceptionally high-quality. Finished in such a labor-intensive and expensive manner with exceptionally expensive materials.

Today's technology:
The modern and cost-efficient way to cut gold or silver is of course different from more than a hundred years ago. The book block is cut and sanded smooth. A gold or silver foil is then applied to the side of the book block. This can be done with a book with right angles and with a book with round corners.

Our specialists have extensive experience in applying gold and silver to Bibles, calendars, books, business cards and much more. We have the experience & equipment and can offer this type of high-quality printing finish at an affordable price.

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