Bookbinding, capital bands and reading ribbon for hardcover books

Sewn bound or glued bound hardcover book
Printing and finishing a beautiful hardcover book. Those two tasks always go together. There are many options to make something very special, but that is of course not for everyone. Within our standard printing range we also have very interesting offers. We print and deliver in small quantities from 1 piece and in large quantities as bulk on a pallet.

We take all your wishes into account.

A hardcover book can be bound with glue and sewing. Depending on the circulation & budget, a choice will have to be made. Thanks to modern gluing techniques, you can also assume that the quality of the binding is excellent for a glued book block. Yarn reinforced or sewn obviously offers more lifespan and extra safety. That goes without saying.

Kapitaalbandjes bij het boekbinden van een hardcover boek gedrukt door drukkerij NLprinters


Capital bands when binding a hardcover book printed by NLprinters printing company

Capital bands - Visible quality, visible extra value:
If you want to get rid of the 'bare finish' of a bound book block and you want to increase the visible value of your book, the first step usually taken is to add capital bands.

We supply capital bands in one color and in multicolor (usually two-color). Gold-colored is also one of the options that is often chosen.
A capital band does not always have to be very striking. Working color-in-color can be very beautiful. A hardcover book with a cover with black print & a black capital band is certainly also a nice option. For example, see the image on the right, above.

Color samples for capital bands: Make your choice here.

With our modern production techniques, we process extras that look back on the skilled and highly skilled bookbinders of yesteryear. After all, bookbinding is a very old craft that has a very rich history. See this film for a nice explanation of a classic finish that may contain the grandfather of our modern capital bands:

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Production quality for hardcover books:
The hardcover books we produce are printed and bound with the greatest care on the most modern machines. Where manual work is required to ensure optimal finishing, we rely on manual work.
Our varied offering allows us to optimize our response to your wishes and needs. This makes it possible to put together the best mix in terms of price and quality.

Does a capital band increase costs?:
Naturally, all elements we add to a production increase costs. However, applying a capital band is not a major issue if you add it to a hardcover book production.

Feel free to ask about the options!
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Can a capital band only be used for large print runs?:
We also supply a capital band for books printed in small editions.
As you can see in the photo below, we often supply hardcover books in large quantities, as shown here, in bulk on a pallet. The hardcover books in this example all have a black capital band and a black reading ribbon, but you are of course free to make those choices.
The small edition hardcover books are often for smaller publishers, the large edition hardcover books are often intended for industrial customers. Both the capital band and the reading ribbon are preferred options by both types of customers when ordering printed matter for hardcover books.

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