Kiss cut stickers - Customer request

Sticker sheet with kiss cut
Today we processed a customer's request to produce a sticker sheet in the format 27x31cm containing no less than 400 small round stickers that are 'punched' around via the kiss-cut system so that you can 'peel' them off the sticker sheet. An interesting question. We are happy to share with you what you should pay attention to.

Stickers as a sticker sheet with kiss-cut die cuts on the sheet. Small edition prints with glossy or matte appearance. Paper or Vinyl.

What is kiss cut:
Kisscut is a technique that uses the structure of a sticker sheet. A sticker sheet consists of a supporting layer (the back of the sticker) and the self-adhesive image layer (the actual sticker itself). With a kiss cut, the cutting blade used to cut out a specific shape goes so precisely deep that only the image layer is cut and the supporting layer is not touched, it remains intact. This allows you to change the shape or shape of a sticker sheet. Remove the sticker at the front, in the shape as this kiss-cut was cut.

Stickers als stickervel met kiss-cut stansvormen op het vel. Drukken in kleine oplage met glanzende of matte uitstraling. Papier of Vinyl.

Submitting your document for kiss-cut finishing:
In your document you create a 100% magento spot color and call it 'cut contour'. With this color you create the outline of the shape that you want to have cut as a kiss-cut contour of your sticker(s). Set this color to 'overprint' so that it is not saved in your actual image.

In this specific case:
In this case the customer wants 400 small circles of only 1cm. intersection. So you are talking about only 10mm per round. Because the machines all work with a margin of a few millimeters, the circles of the kiss-cut may not correspond 100% to the circles of your print image. Every shift becomes immediately visible here because in this case it is so very precise. This is a risk and a consideration that the customer will have to take themselves. We are happy to support this process of consideration, but it can be very important in each specific case to carefully assess this together in advance and to properly identify the possible risks of success and failure.

How big are the risks of kiss-cut really?
In the case discussed above, it concerns millimeters. With a normal sticker you are quickly talking about a sticker size of 10 centimeters or more. So in a 'normal case' the risks of shifting are very small or negligible.