Multichannel marketing

Advice & realization at NLprinters

Multichannel marketing has become an indispensable part of our advertising world. You may come across the terms 'multichannel marketing' and 'omnichannel marketing' here and there or you may even be very familiar with them.

Multichannel marketing is actually no more and less than...
connecting your communication platforms and your communication tools.

In this example an 'A5 flyer', intended for communicating a new product that we offer in collaboration with Comicwatch: Artwork from the various comic series printed on canvas (and delivered free of charge).

By means of a QR CODE that we apply to the flyer we have drawn up, we create a LINK BETWEEN the physical (offline) printed matter (an A5 flyer that is placed as an attachment in a BOOKLET printed by us) and a WEB PAGE where the target group can can choose, order and pay for the artwork in question.

In this way we connect the offline and online worlds and, for example, a user of a tablet (or mobile device) can scan the QR code and make a choice within a few seconds and thus (and that is what it is all about) realize a CONVERSION.

If you are looking for a graphic agency that can support you with these types of matters, please feel free to contact us!