Logo + Shopify website for Travel Agency

Logo Design and construction of a Shopify website.

Holmstock Travel - Reisbureau voor reizen naar Finland, Zweden, Åland en de Baltische Staten

Bear safari in Finland or a group trip to Sweden
This travel agency offers trips to Scandinavia. Travel to Sweden as a self-drive or as a group trip, for example to beautiful Stockholm. Or an exciting trip to Finland to spot and photograph bears. What a beautiful subject.
Northern Lights trip
Processing the beautiful photos of the Northern Lights for this website was also a pleasure. Really beautiful, that phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights remain something special. A Northern Lights trip seems very nice to me.

Shopify store construction
Because we also work with Shopify ourselves, we have gained quite a bit of experience with this software. We help our customers set up the foundation and from that basis we can work (together) on the realization and growth of the website. You can create products, information pages and blog pages within Shopify. There are also a lot of apps available and Shopify's support is quite good. If you are also interested in starting up or helping with a Shopify website, please contact us.