Delivery hardcover books Stockholm region

We supply hardcover books with top class finishing - offset printed and delivered on pallet - for a manufacturer of food processors in the Stockholm region (Sweden).

We print these offset printed books in a special format on high-quality Arctic Volume Matt paper. This gives a particularly sturdy page feel, beautiful colors on the matte paper and a pleasant whiteness of paper. The books are finished with capital bands and reading ribbon in black. Print production completely in accordance with customer specifications.

We have extensive experience in supplying printed matter for large customers. We know the needs of our business customers and we respond to their needs and wishes. Everything in good consultation and with clear agreements. The method of packaging, the method of delivery and the nature of the transport often play a major role.

The protection of the printed matter during transport, the quality of the pallets and the method of handling between the printing company and the final destination also deserve great care and attention.

Tryckeri for hardcover book (med hard perm) Stockholm, Sverige i offset tryck

Tryckeri för hardcover bok (med hård perm) Stockholm, Sverige i offset tryck