The reading ribbon

In modern, often digitally oriented, vernacular we call it a 'tag' or 'book-mark'. For a printed book, hardcover or softcover, we have for a long time simply called it 'reading ribbon'. The ribbon that indicates where you left off while reading.

After all, a book is a product that you often cannot read completely in one sitting. Often there is simply too much information and it takes more time to fully read all the pages of the book. A reading ribbon then marks the place where you stopped reading or the place where you should start again next time.
A simple but useful tool.

Hardcover boek drukken met leeslint zwart

Hardcover book printing with black reading ribbon

As simple as this tool in your book is, the reading ribbon is an extra. This extra addition to your book gives the book added value. Firstly, because it is simply there. Secondly, because you can add a color accent using the color of your reading ribbon. This increases the creative effort and experience shows that this is highly appreciated by many people.

Reading ribbons are available in various colors. Starting with white and black, silver and gold. Many other colors are also available. We have a sample card available for information and choice that we would like to share with you.

Hardcover book printing with gold-colored reading ribbon

As an alternative to the reading ribbon, the bookmark also works very well. Or possibly as an extra addition to the existing reading ribbon, a bookmark can fulfill its own role in your plan.

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