Hardcover book 17x24 cm. page size

Delivered in Deventer: Hardcover book 17x24 cm.
We recently had the opportunity to print a small edition hardcover book with a page size of 17x24cm. The book is digitally printed and finished with capital bands, which gives the hardcover book a professional look.


Hardcover printing for Thuishaven Rederij in Deventer

Drukwerk hardcover voor Thuishaven Rederij te Deventer

Consultation with your printing company and .. contact with the customer:
It is of course very important for every customer to have good consultation with his printing company. Contact us to obtain advice and support if questions arise.

In this case, our customer was an entrepreneur of the real old school. And let me immediately mention that I mean that in the most positive sense of the word. An entrepreneur who has been in business for 60 years and who still oversees the business with heart and soul. From the outset we had telephone contact and consultation and discussed everything down to the last detail.

The longer we were involved in the project and the more we were in contact, the more it became clear how much passion and love for the profession has gone into building a company for 60 years. When we first saw the layout of the book on our screen, we were a bit moved by it.

The contact with the client was very pleasant and we thought it would be a great idea to deviate from the standard parcel shipment in this case. We decided to deliver the books personally in Deventer. It's nice to get to know each other personally after so much contact.

The hardcover book that we have in the format 17x24 cm. printing tells the story of Rederij Thuishaven in Deventer. The story of a skipper with a simple wooden ferry boat who, through good entrepreneurship, hard work and excellent insight, has managed to build a beautiful and modern company and has put beautiful ships into service.
A truly impressive story of a true, hard-working entrepreneur with an extremely positive attitude and a wonderfully friendly nature.

... it was our honor and pleasure!