Flyer in a size of your choice

Print flyers in a special format
Within the possibilities offered by the format of a printing press, we can be flexible with the formats of your flyers. When printing, we use various formats of printing plates, various formats of printing presses and various formats of printing sheets. These are all technical specifications that we as a printing supplier must take into account. These specifications provide options that we can flexibly share with our customers. One of those options, for example, is choosing your own format for your flyer.

The flyers for the Swedish company Skomann (printed in 2015)
This printing customer has chosen the flyer format 12x25 cm. with double-sided printing on 250gr MC matt paper. The advertising agency correctly supplied the data as a PDF with an additional 3mm image around it for cutting.

tryck flygblad med eget storlek eller format för ett billigt pris och moms fritt hos tryckeri

Delivery to the Swedish customer excluding VAT
Swedish business customers with a VAT number (and also Belgian, German or Finnish business customers, for example) can purchase from us VAT-free, just like all business customers from the EU. Our online store takes this into account when ordering. Please state your VAT number in the comments when placing your order.