Printing for an artist - Hardcover book

Making print work for artists
Providing printing work to a professional in the graphics profession is actually no different than supplying print work to a customer who is not professionally connected to the graphics profession. You might think so, but it is quite different.

Everyone is connected to their image, their target group and their work.
Even if you opt for a print of your holiday photos, as the creator of your creative image you always have an expectation of the end result, an 'image' of your future end result 'in mind'. You will understand that a professional image maker has many more considerations, feelings, emotions and intentions behind an image he creates. Professional creatives often have a long process of preparation and consideration in which many aspects play a role. These aspects are often very clear or of a material nature, for example the choice of a medium:  Softcover book or Hardcover book. These aspects are often hidden in small 'not immediately tangible' matters such as the brightness of a shade or color in the printed matter, the space of something up to the edge or ....? Yes, we often do not know from the outset what is important to a creative customer.

Communication, consultation, advice, sampling, experience and trust
Introduction based on a first production of your printed matter. That's always an exciting thing. For the customer and for the printing company. Depending on your plan, your budget and the relevant options that we as a supplier can offer, a consultation takes place within the communication, resulting in our advice based on a quotation. Sometimes it is useful or possible to inform or convince the customer with a sample. It often starts after consultation based on our experience in combination with the customer's trust.

Hardcover boek drukken voor kunstenaar Jacco de Jager te Utrecht

Printing for Jacco de Jager: Hardcover book in small edition
We have also embarked on a similar process with artist Jacco de Jager from Utrecht. Jacco is a true professional who combines work in a design department with days he spends on his own work and on work as a freelancer. We printed a small edition hardcover book with PUR glued content for Jacco.
In the book Jacco presents a selection of his own work. A conscious decision was made to print in small editions so that Jacco can handle this book flexibly. After all, you can easily proceed to a - possibly adjusted or personalized - reprint.

Donorbrain - Jacco de Jager
Are you fascinated by the cover image of Jacco's book and would you like to see more of his work as a Creative, Empathetic and Loyal artist? Then visit Jacco de Jager's website.