Printing a catalog in large quantities: 1 truck = 1 order

NLprinters is experienced in large print runs. This truck carries 45,000 thick catalogues.

You can also order printed matter in large quantities at

Ready for departure to the customer, the truck with a long semi-trailer. Filled all the way to the brim with printed matter. In this case it concerns very high-quality catalogs for a leading Dutch company that trades worldwide.

This company has its catalog printed by us in 6 versions. This concerns both language versions and price versions.

With these types of orders you quickly talk about...
superlatives in the field of offset printing.

Printing advice and consultation at the customer's office
The customer wants excellent quality in all facets. This starts with the consultation that we personally conduct at the customer's office. There we discuss the implementation of the catalogue. Will it be a glued spine, a stapled version or possibly a wire-o bound book? Softcover or hardcover finished? We know how to score with extensive knowledge of paper types and the effects that come with them. The finish of the cover and the effects that we can apply to it often also play an important role. In short, when discussing print production that is so important to the customer, many facets of the profession and many advice points are discussed.
Printing advice is an element in the entire printing process that should not be underestimated. We are happy to help you make the right choices. See it as the foundation of your print production. catalog or book production.

UV gloss effect for the special edition
In consultation with the marketing manager and the design manager, a UV gloss effect was chosen to give the 2018 edition a special effect. This UV gloss effect is applied as a so-called spot effect. This means that the effect can only be seen on parts of the cover. This creates an exciting contrast between matte and high-gloss on the cover. Very nice.
Here too, advice is an important factor. Many effects on printed matter are possible. Using those effects correctly is crucial. A so-called 'overkill' often detracts from a beautiful piece of printing. In addition, it is of course also important to work with a printing partner who is capable of technically approaching and executing the desired effect correctly.

What is ordering and printing large-scale printing?
Of course, size is always relative. What is a lot for one person is simply not enough for another. Everything is of course based on the customer's needs or (financial) possibilities. All elements together form the project plan for your printed matter. No matter how small or large that project is. Without a good plan of action you can never achieve a goal. Simply because you have not set a clear goal in the absence of a plan.
In the Netherlands it is often a large order if we speak of 5,000 catalogs or more. An average print order for catalogs or brochures is between 1,000 and 2,500 copies. Due to the use of many digital applications (such as websites and PDF documents), it is increasingly common for companies to fall back to 250 or 500 copies (which are often already printed digitally). So those are the little ones.
Printing a catalog in a circulation of 5,000 or 10,000 is already a fairly significant action and can be accompanied by a significant investment in time, effort and money.
The really large companies (and they can also be small organizations with a large reach) often have a greater need. These types of organizations quickly use 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 or, as loaded on the truck in this example, 45,000 copies of printed matter for their annual catalogue.

The cheapest printing company for large-scale printing?
We already see it when printing a flyer. The more pieces, the cheaper it becomes. And yes, that is also the case with catalog printing or book printing. You should not forget that printing a flyer (more or less) ends with printing the sheet and cutting the final size.
With a large production that is often very important, there is a lot of consultation in advance and there is a mix of material types, inks, techniques and finishing options that all together form an attractive whole. It is a large orchestra of elements that must fit together perfectly.
So you actually start with high overhead costs that you first have to reduce to a reasonable or cheap unit price. That cheap unit price in printing can be found by running on quantities in the circulation and through efficiency in the processes.
Is NLprinters possibly the cheapest printing company for a large print run? Perhaps. We now have more than 25 years of experience in this field and we look back on a whole mountain of printing productions in the form of brochures, catalogues, magazines.