Printing of B4 envelope cost efficiently

Print B4 envelopes cheaply?!
You are looking for a printing company for printing B4 envelopes in small or large quantities. Digitally or offset printed in the best quality and delivered free within the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right place at NLprinters printing company.

B4 envelope with or without window.
We supply the B4 envelope with printing in accordance with the PDF you supplied in a version with or without a window. It is of course up to you to determine which type of envelope you prefer. We offer you the choice of using a B4 envelope without a window or using a B4 envelope with a window on the left. Order your B4 envelopee printing online here.

Where is the flap on a B4 envelope?
For a B4 envelope we only offer the option 'flap on the short side'. The envelope is therefore always filled from the short side. There is a self-adhesive closure on the flap that you can fold to close the envelope after removing the protective strip.

The printing of the B4 envelope is single-sided or double-sided
You can choose to print the envelope on one side or on both sides. That also applies to it. printing a B4 envelope. We print small editions in digital quality and larger editions in offset printing quality. Normally the printing is full color, CMYK. Within CMYK you can of course also use only 1 of the colors of the CMYK. For example, by only using black.

Pantone colors for your B4 envelope!
In addition to printing in CMYK, we also offer the option to use Pantone colors. Possibly only as 1 Pantone color or in combination with the CMYK process. You are free to do so and you control this via your own design.

Order your B4 envelope printing online here or contact  us for consultation.