The contents of a hardcover book

For most people, the contents of a hardcover book literally mean 'the contents'. For a printing company, however, this mainly means 'the book block'. The block of paper on which the actual content in the form of text and images is printed.
hardcover boek - kies een papiersoort en papierkwaliteit die voor u het meest geschikt is. Prijs en Materiaal kunnen vaak goed samengaan. Wij kennen de markt en geven u graag professioneel advies.
hardcover book - choose a paper type and paper quality that is most suitable for you. Price and Material can often go well together. We know the market and are happy to give you professional advice.

The book block is constructed from a stack of paper sheets. These are connected to each other by means of a binding (bookbinding) using (usually) glue and yarn. The method of bookbinding is therefore one of those important choices you have to make when printing a hardcover book.

The paper you use does not only display your text and image. The paper has a certain degree of whiteness or even a color. The paper also has a structure. You often don't see that structure or don't even notice it at first glance, but every paper has a structure. Often very fine, sometimes slightly coarser. This is achieved by the technical composition of the paper. We call this together: The type of paper.

Various manufacturers supply paper in Europe. The paper mills. These paper mills have various brands of paper. We (and you) can clearly distinguish the paper based on the brand name. There are various types of paper within a paper brand.

We indicate the thickness of the paper in grammage. The weight per square meter of a sheet of paper, regardless of the thickness of the sheet.

So it is indeed an interesting topic. The book block and the associated paper. We have extensive experience and we can provide you with advice to help you make the right choice.

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Of course you have the bulk types, paper types for offset printing that are used very often. These are often called standard paper and are usually in stock at the printing company or the wholesaler that serves the printing company.

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